I love my sister

The first scene in my show depicts my love for my sister. She is a very highly and intelligent person. I devoted my life to making sure she succeeded in life. With my help she became a lawyer. My show will center around the relationship I had with my sister.

My sister got pregnant in high school and needed a lot of help. I mostly helped to raise her son. She was never home having to work and go to school, therefore I worked my life around hers. He is currently 13 years old.

I enjoyed helping but it always made her unhappy, now she won’t even acknowledge my existence. Now she says things like ” my life would be easier if you were never in it”.

My sister has become sophisticated and now I embarrass her. She no longer wants me around her lawyer friends. She no longer wants me apart of her life.

I suffer from a mental illness and depression is the next stage after anxiety.

Some days it is just a struggle to lift my head off the pillow. When I open my eyes I ask God why I’m still here. Why does it feel as though I can’t breathe. Why do I hate to see another day?

Today I got out of bed and made it to work but I received another text from my sister that read “I hate you. My life would not be affected if I never saw you again”.

As soon as I got home I immediate crawled under the covers and have been there ever since.

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One thought on “I love my sister

  1. Oh, my. My heart breaks for you. I don’t know how family relationships come to this, but believe me you are not alone. Please talk to someone, and there are drugs that can help. All the best to you, Diane

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